Details about me...I am studying, I am an open-minded person, I have a positive personality, I can talk about any subject you choose; My pictures are real, please do not offend me asking details you have the same hair, same lips, same breast? Yes, natural hair is light brown, sometimes I die it black or another colour, breast is 75A, but I can increase it with silicon as you remark, lips are natural, I do not use botox YET, and I possess a huge lingerie stock, huge different kinds of cloth including fancy middle eve type, I am a person which like variety, which like to surprise a man with new outfits, new hair, new breast, new each time we met. but generally I am natural type ~ I used silicon once because my boyfriend threatens to leave me...he left anyway!

About you!
I do not leave my handy since any worker can call - a fact displeasing me terribly! You must be an aristocratic type, not a poor worker in a multinational company worrying for each euro he spends...therefore FIRST your English must be fluent! I use to speak English very fast, like native americans..if you do not follow me, better ask me to be your teacher (I charge only x0euros/hour as a teacher and xx0euros/day as guide) so much less then an erotic date.

Our first hour will be a pleasant, easy, soft "getting to know each other" - it is not refundable
2-nd hour will be more erotic, a sexy erotic massage, touching each other
3-rd hour will start into passion, will fire our engines
4-th hour will close our openair date and turn us to a more cosy place...
Please do not behave like you care for time or money, make the atmosphere more pleasant with a bottle of good wine and try to leave your problems behind, always smb. is behind you to replace you, always smb. wants to proove that he is better then you...point is..keep your soul because if you try to compete with compromise, you will lose anyway, and you will lose much more!

I like to have a good time, not a business rushing date. If you are a guy with psychological problems like those, please do not write me, I am not a doctor, I like to have fun, not to negotiate it.
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If your English is fluent ad you are an intelligent, wellspoken guy, please write me

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